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CSI Mystery

Published onMar 21, 2024
CSI Mystery

Unleash Your Team's Inner Detective with a Unique CSI Mystery Experience!

Looking for an engaging and interactive way to boost team building, problem-solving skills, and employee morale while learning something new? Our immersive CSI Mystery experience is perfect for your next corporate event!

Through a series of hands-on challenges, participants will learn:

  • Essential CSI Techniques: Fingerprint dusting, casting footwear impressions, collecting trace evidence, and more

  • Collaboration and Communication: Teams must work effectively together to collect and analyze evidence, share insights, and solve a crime

  • Problem-Solving Under Pressure: Race against time to identify the culprit through creative and critical thinking

What You Can Expect

The CSI Mystery experience is customizable to fit your needs. For a typical three hour event, here is what you an expect:




CSI Techniques

Learn various techniques used by real CSIs to collect evidence at crime scenes (e.g., fingerprinting, DNA)

1 - 1.25 hr


Lunch / Dinner

30 - 45 min

Solve the Crime

Use the CSI techniques you learned to process a crime scene. After collecting the evidence, you work to solve the crime.

  • Groups smaller than 5: Everyone works together as a team to solve the crime.

  • Groups larger than 5: Participants are divided into teams and compete against each other to solve the crime.

1 - 1.25 hr


Debrief as group. Determine if you correctly solved the crime.

15 min


Suit up like a real CSI! Upgrade your experience with the PPE package which includes the following:

  • Disposable white coveralls

  • Shoe covers

  • Protective eyewear

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